Exposer or WidgetsBox?

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Again and again the (justified) question arises: "What is the difference between Exposer and the WidgetsBox"? In this article I would like to show you the differences and also explain why both exist and why both have their right to exist.

The obvious - Feature comparison

Layouts / Widgets
  • Grid
  • Slideshow
  • List
  • Simple List
  • Grid
  • Slideshow
  • List
  • Accordion
  • Switcher
  • Slider
  • ...more will follow
Modal Support
Display Customfields
Customfield Customizations
Use Customfield as Media
Sort by Customfield
Filter by Customfield
Filter by Dynamic CF Condition
Filter by Date
Filter by Author
Filter by Tags
Core Sources
  • Joomla! Articles
  • Joomla! Contacts
  • Joomla! Articles
J4 compatibility
Mobile First
Target Audience Specific user scenarios Mass product
Ease of use (User rated) 5 of 10 8 of 10

In the future, more interesting widgets will follow for the WidgetsBox that will go a step further and open up new possibilities. Exposer will of course also be further developed but with a view to expand the existing layouts & features. In general you can say: Exposer is cheaper, more flexible but also more demanding concerning your know how - You can get the maximum out of Exposer by your own customziations. WidgetsBox is for the masses - you just want to add a widget to your site and don't need the full dynamic integration - then WidgetsBox is the right tool for you.

Did you know?

  • WidgetsBox 1.2 including the new Switcher-Widget has just been released (J4 Update will follow soon). Check out the latest changelog to learn more!
  • WidgetsBox is currently still available with discount! Get WidgetsBox for Joomla! 20% off with discount code advantage. (The voucher code may no longer be valid if you read this article at a later date).
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