OrielPro Version 1.5.0 released

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on by Marco

OrielPro has been updated to version 1.5.0. This major release brings new features, several bugfixes and some changes. The full list of changes can be found in the changelog.

New functions

Album Deeplink

With version 1.5.0 it is now possible that you can link directly to albums, if the deeplink function is activated in the module settings you can link directly to an album via the FolderKey in the address bar:


See the related article in the manual for more information.

Custom Subfolder IgnoreList

In version 1.5.0 you can now exclude subfolders within the selected root directory from the index. This way you can prevent unwanted content from being displayed in OrielPro. You can find this new option directly in the module settings in the module tab.

Regular Expressions for Prettyfier 2 & Label Translations

Thanks to Prettyfier you can modify albums / image labels according to your wishes for the output. The Prettyfier now also supports Regular Expressions for even better control of your labels. By the way, you can now also prevent the automatic translation of folder names if a folder happens to match an already existing language key like "cassiopeia".

I hope you like these updates for OrielPro. Please rate OrielPro in JED to further support the project.

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