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Your modern solution for flexible galleries

Oriel creates fully automatic gallery overviews & galleries based on your folder structures. Simply define a base folder, all folders within it will be used as albums or filters within the module instance.


Modern magnifier for Joomla!

With iMagnifier you can easily integrate an image with magnifying glass function into your content. Thanks to the support of dynamic sources iMagnifier can also use the image URL's of Joomla! Article Customfields as source.


nx-articleLibrary is a Joomla! module from nx-designs that converts your articles and categories into a virtual library. Thanks to the ajax support you can switch between pages without even reloading the website.


Exposer is a Joomla! module that displays a selection of Joomla! articles in a grid overview, list or slideshow. By using the UIkit 3 framework your articles will be presented in a more exciting way than ever before.

Three ready-to-use templates are integrated and due to the support of own CSS classes for each field they can be adapted to your needs.

Exposer loads your articles filtered by category and / or tags. In addition, articles can be sorted by different fields (incl. customfields).

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